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  • Microsoft Office templates for your communication

    Microsoft Office templates for your communication

    To ensure that every document, email and presentation looks identical, it is advisable to use templates. By doing so, you ensure that all documents look similar and are in line with the correct corporate identity of your organization.

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  • iWRITER 365 and my data

    iWRITER 365 and my data

    When using iWRITER 365 for the first time, you will be prompted with a request for permission. But why is this necessary and does this mean that iWRITER 365 can access all your company's data? Read the answer to these and other questions in this blog.

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  • The 7 iWRITER Guarantees for Business

    The 7 iWRITER Guarantees for Business

    Every day a huge amount of documents is being processed in your company. A continuous flow of documents enters your mailbox and a lot of quotes, invoices and other documents are sent. In this situation it very important to keep customers happy with information that is correct and clear. And: as soon as possible!

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  • Templates and template management

    Templates and template management

    Using a template to create documents is nothing new, yet in many cases the importance of templates and managing them is underestimated. In this blog you can read why templates deserve more attention and how iWRITER 365 makes managing them easier.

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  • The benefits of digital signatures

    The benefits of digital signatures

    In the recent past a big change can be noticed within the subject of sending documents. Instead of by airmail, documents are now often send digitally. Such a change brings with it some new requirements and needs, such as being able to digitally sign documents. The main sectors where this happens are government institutes, industries and business services.

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  • Conditional fields: no programming needed

    Conditional fields: no programming needed

    iWRITER 365 enables you to create documents using questions fields. The possibilities of these fields are enormous, but sometimes you need more. Conditional fields can be the solution. And the best part is, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge! In this blog I explain what a condition field is and how you can apply it in iWRITER 365.

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  • iWRITER SharePoint Add-in

    iWRITER SharePoint Add-in

    2016 is inmiddels begonnen en in 2015 heeft ‘Microsoft Apps for SharePoint’ hernoemd naar SharePoint Add-ins. Maar ook iWRITER heeft niet stilgezeten en via deze blog wil ik je kennis laten maken met online documentcreatie via de iWRITER for SharePoint – add-in.

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