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Royal Ten Cate chooses iWRITER 365

Royal Ten Cate chooses iWRITER 365

A consistent corporate identity is important to every company. It shows that you are well organized and gives you a platform to present yourself to the world with a single, clear message. It creates confidence. For multinationals, which are fragmented into divisions and departments, all over the world, it is not easy to roll out a consistent corporate identity across the entire organization and maintain it over a longer period of time. Fortunately, there is iWRITER: easy to use and easy to manage.

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Multinational textile and material technology group Royal Ten Cate (TenCate), develops and produces advanced solutions for the protection of people and their environment. TenCate combines textile technology with chemical processes to develop functional fabrics and materials. With more than 3,500 employees and a turnover of more than € 1,000 million, TenCate is one of the largest players in the textile market.

With the switch to Office 365 and the strategy to make international branding unambiguous, the demand arose for a software tool which would facilitate central template management and corporate identity monitoring.

Switching to Office 365

Roel Durlinger, CIO at TenCate: 'The IT organization of TenCate was decentralized when I started working as a CIO 15 years ago. We had about 30 websites and no clear or centrally regulated corporate branding.’ In order to organize this better, a branding project was initiated in 2006. Ten Cate was getting ready to position itself as a major global player and multinational with one corporate identity. IT would move from decentralized operations to corporate, the same as the corporate communications department.

TenCate started working cloud-based in 2014. For the entire back office environ-ment, including email, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, they switched to Office 365.

The switch to the cloud was the motivation to examine how we could consistently roll out the branding across the entire organization.

Roel Durlinger – CIO at TenCate

'The existing solution no longer worked and needed to be replaced. The new tool had to match well with Office 365. That was mandatory. That is how iWRITER came into the picture.’

A user friendly experience is paramount

The user experience was paramount in the search. 'We wanted a tool that offered top-of-the-line user experience. This was not the case with the solution we used at the time. The program did not look good or work properly. That had to change.’ The fact that iWRITER had won the Microsoft Best User Interface Award, played a major role in our choice for iWRITER. 'That iWRITER won this award assured us that it had to be user-friendly. This was the deciding factor for starting a Proof of Concept (POC).'

A small group of users started using iWRITER within TenCate. 'During the POC we got very excited about the product. We extensively tested the functionalities of the email signature, Word and PowerPoint from a Marketing-Communication and IT point of view. And we tested with different user groups. Apart from technical, financial and other requirements, we wanted to make sure that the user experience was good for as many people as possible. And it was!''.

The ease with which you can create documents with iWRITER and work error-free is a wonderful experience!

Roel Durlinger – CIO at TenCate

Flexibility and scalability

According to Roel, iWRITER fits in perfectly with the IT strategy to work cloud based. 'With iWRITER we are flexible and can easily scale up and scale down. In addition to scalability and flexibility, the subscription option also appeals to us. The dependence that I had on the internal IT department and external service providers - the vendor lock-in - is gone. This freedom offers great advantages.’'

They have a pleasant way of communicating and we like the proactive attitude of both the account managers and the support departments. If we have questions or issues, they are always handled quickly and efficiently.

Roel Durlinger – CIO at TenCate

The collaboration between TenCate and iWRITER runs smoothly. When asked whether he would recommend iWRITER, Roel answers: "Absolutely! The functionality of the product and the user experience are top notch. iWRITER fits perfectly within an Office 365 environment!

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